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计算机辅助翻译工具(CAT 工具)是现代翻译必不可少的工具。它们能够存储已翻译句段、行业术语和重复字词,并在译员处理文本时将所存储的这些已翻译条目提供给他们参考,大大加快他们的翻译速度。不仅翻译速度更快,而且单个文本内部以及与其他相关文本之间的一致性也更高。

Quality assurance

CAT tool use guarantees lower costs because it knocks off hours of repetitious translation and terminology research. You can even work with your translator before translation begins to develop a glossary of terms to integrate into the CAT tool memory. Every bit of specialized terminology you provide will then be available instantly to your translator.

Quality assurance (QA) is built in. CAT tools run automatic searches for inconsistencies, to ensure precision in areas like number conversion, punctuation, and terminology. The linguists and subject matter experts who are part of your translation team are extensively trained to optimize the benefits of the CAT-tool features.

Some major benefits of CAT tools:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduction of processing time
  • Vastly increased consistency throughout your texts
  • Potential to process non-standard formats such as HTML, JSON, PO, and graphic formats such as IDML, INDD, etc.
  • Integration of a terminological glossary unique to your projects
  • Sophisticated QA
  • Ideal for bulk and express orders

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