Introducing … Skrivanek!

There’s a new face at Skrivanek and we’re excited to introduce him. He’ll be around to point things out and remind you what we can do for you.

His name is Skrivanek. You see, “Skrivanek” is the last name of our company founder – but it’s also the Czech word for skylark! This is a happy coincidence for a Language Service Provider because skylarks are famous for their voices. Male skylarks sing a beautiful song as they fly – a clear communication of their vitality. Skrivanek MASKOT

Skrivanek the skylark is an inspiring symbol of communication. We hope that every time you see him you may remember that this is what we want to help you accomplish in the world: beautiful, effective communication.

Are you aware that Massachusetts Institute of Technology neuroscientists’ research determined that the human brain can identify images that it sees as briefly as 13 milliseconds?* We remember images far more easily than we do words. Words are more complicated for our image-trained brains. This is why we developed the image of our friend Skrivanek – to quickly call to mind the people of Skrivanek who are always ready to serve you.

You could say that like the winged skylark, our LSP Skrivanek is famous for its soaring song. Because the fact is we can carry your message around the world. The skill of our professionals is as reliable as the skylark’s DNA.

Poems and songs have been written in celebration of the skylark’s exuberant, clear voice. We hope our mascot Skrivanek’s friendly, feathered image will remind you of the quality we offer our language service clients: translation so natural and precise that everyone in the world understands its meaning.