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Do you need interpreting at a conference or a meeting, court interpreting or remote interpreting? Contact us. We interpret in over 40 languages in various combinations.
Are you unsure about what of interpreting you need? Write to us, and describe what kind of event you will need interpreting at, and we will recommend an appropriate interpreter.

Professional interpreters

We place high demands on accuracy. With our interpreters you can be certain that the interpreting will be done correctly.

10 fields, 80 specialisations

We ensure court interpreting, remote interpreting and other types of interpreting in a total of 10 fields.

Various types of interpreting

We will find a suitable interpreter for you for a conference, business meeting or other events that you will be attending.

Interpreting at conferences

Together with spoken speeches, we will ensure simultaneous or conference interpreting. Our interpreters will take care of all of your needs without a time delay. Since this is the most demanding type of interpreting, a minimum of 2 interpreters will be needed, who will take turns regularly.


Interpreting at a business meeting or on a business trip

The speaker will speak in shorter time segments, which our interpreter will then interpret from one language to another. Our extensive network of branches in the Czech Republic and abroad enables us to ensure the availability of a professional interpreter with flexibility at home and on foreign trips.

Business meetings

Court interpreting

High demands on accuracy, independence and impartiality of interpreters interpreting speeches are among the fundamental requirements for court interpreting. Therefore, this work is done by court interpreters that have been appointed by a Czech court to provide court interpreting in accordance with Act No. 37/1967 Coll., on expert and interpreters.

Court hearing
Officially documented events
Proceedings at a notary’s office

Remote interpreting

A foreign job, order or complaint handled over the phone? No problem! We will interpret presentations, conferences, video conferencing or training from a language that you do not understand.

Interpreting over the phone
Interpreting via video conferencing


We will be glad to create a custom tailored price quote

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