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Skřivánek is a half-billion company again

May 2017: Press Release

Skřivánek is a half-billion company again

Last year the company translated more than 118 million words in the Czech Republic.

Total turnover of more than half a billion. The Czech branch of the second largest language agency in Central and Eastern Europe has continued to report more than 118 million translated words in 440 language combinations, more than 8,500 interpretation hours in 50 language combinations and 190,000 taught lesson hours in nearly two dozen foreign languages. These are the main statistics of Skřivánek for 2016.

In the completed year, the Skřivánek Language Agency recorded total turnover of more than CZK 516 million. In the Czech Republic alone, its turnover was more than CZK 270 million. That figure is practically unchanged compared to the previous year, although the largest language agency managed to increase its profit by nearly CZK 11 million compared to the previous year.

“Last year can certainly be described as successful. We won important contracts, such as for projects and institutions of the European Union and the UN, and we thereby boosted our position on the international market,” says the Skřivánek Language Agency’s director, Bronislava Chudobová. Skřivánek provides important language services both to large multinational companies and to governmental and non-profit organisations and last, but not least, also to local companies and members of the general public.

English holds the position, Chinese and Arabic boost it

“The most demanded languages for translations and interpreting continue to be English and German in combination with Czech. They are accompanied by common European languages, such as Polish, French, Hungarian, Slovak and last, but not least, Russian,” explains Bronislava Chudobová. We have also registered a rise in demand for translations into Chinese and Arabic, which is related to current political and economic developments,” Chudobová adds.

Most of the translations ordered were of legal documents, followed by technical documents and in third place IT. “We continue to see the greatest potential in translation and interpreting services mainly in IT, as well as the engineering, automotive and pharmaceutical industries,” says Bronislava Chudobová, highlighting likely future development.

Skřivánek abroad

According to the latest version of the study “The Language Service Market 2016” from the independent research organisation Common Sense Advisory, the language services market will grow in 2015 year-to-year by 6.46%, and revenue is expected to amount to approximately $49.8 billion (USD) by 2019. The study named the Skřivánek Language Agency as among the 100 largest language agencies in the world. The company ranks in 41st place globally in the sector and in 2nd place in Eastern Europe.

The most successful markets for Skřivánek, as far as turnover is concerned, are currently Poland, Latvia and Slovakia, in that order. “Poland is a very interesting market for us, where we have reported good results amounting to several million euros. We also view potential in Bulgaria, where we have grown year-to-year by nearly 60%,” concludes Skřivánek’s director.

About Skřivánek, s.r.o.

Skřivánek is the largest language agency in Central and Eastern Europe. Its branches can be found in 17 Czech cities and in 15 countries. The agency has branches or representative offices in Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belgium, Estonia, Great Britain, the United States, Russia, Brazil, Austria and Latvia. Language services can be ordered in over 40 languages. Despite its size and progressive development in methodology, Skřivánek remains a Czech company with more than twenty years of tradition in the provision of language services. Skřivánek has been a member of the Czech Association of Language Schools since 2008.