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RUN for ProCit

March 2017: Press Release

RUN for ProCit

The second annual run to support children with autism will take place in Plzeň.

Plzeň, 20 March 2017

On Saturday, 1 April, to mark the occasion of World Autism Awareness day, the second annual family friendly and blue-themed charity event RUN for ProCit will take place in Plzeň. The event is being held under the auspices of the ProCit civic association and the Skřivánek Language Agency. The proceeds are intended for families caring for autistic children.

On the first Saturday in April, Plzeň’s Borský Park will again become the location of a family-friendly charity run to support children with autism. People attending the event have the opportunity to contribute by purchasing a starting ticket or buying a small gift on the date of the race. The run, which is also being participated in by children with autism, will begin at 10 a.m. The 2 km run will begin at 10:15 a.m., an the 5 km run will begin at 10:45 a.m. Adventurous runners can liven things up on a voluntary route with a blue surprise (blue powder).

The aim of the event is to draw attention to autism and to support friends, parents and autistic children themselves. “The number of children with Autism spectrum disorders is increasing, and now every eightieth child is born with it. The number of families for whom this incurable disorder has changed lives is therefore also rising,” adds Irena Vítovcová from the ProCit Civic Association.

The colour blue is a symbol of communication, one of three areas with which persons with autism have difficulty and which is absolutely fundamental in order for people to comprehend one another. Other problematic areas are social behaviour and imagination. There is no typical game that would enable all children with autism to have fun. Hobbies are usually stereotypical, and may include counting transport schedules, fascination with round objects as well as canals, but autistic children also enjoy playing with Lego toys or beads. They often lack the ability to establish contact and do not manage to play with other children.

“We are pleased to support projects that make sense, and this is one of them. We have been working with ProCit practically since its founding. Our support does not only involve financial aid, but also raising of awareness among the general public and their empathy and understanding, which are very important for autistic children and their loved ones. We regularly help ProCit with holding of benefit concerts before Christmas, involving music celebrities,” explains Andrea Vojáčková, Commercial Director at Skřivánek, regarding the organisation of the run.

The event also included a rich accompanying programme. Children will certainly have fun in the jumping castle or participating in face painting. Adventurous individuals will have a special difficult running track prepared for them. Food and drink connoisseurs will have the opportunity to try excellent coffee, French specialities, delicious vegetarian soup as well as beer and cider from a local brewery, prepared especially for runners. Registration for the event is available at More information can also be found at or on the Facebook page of the event.

About ProCit

The civic association ProCit, whose founder and chairwoman is Irena Vítovcová, is a registered provider of social activation services for families with children, organises special swimming lessons, exercise classes and canistherapy and social skills training and provides developmental diagnosis and counselling. The association has long helped to make life easier for the families of autistic children, to provide them with a foundation with professional care and to re-integrate them into the majority society.

About Skřivánek, s.r.o.

Skřivánek is the largest language agency in Central and Eastern Europe. It has branches in 19 Czech towns as well as in 15 countries around the globe (Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belgium, Estonia, Great Britain, China, the USA, Russia, Japan and Brazil). Language services can be ordered in over 40 languages. Despite its size and progressive development in methodology, Skřivánek remains a Czech company with more than twenty years of tradition in the provision of language services. Skřivánek has been a member of the Czech Association of Language Schools since 2008.