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Skrivanek’s life sciences, healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical specialist translators recognize that your industry is one on which lives depend.



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We rely on specialized translators with medical degrees. All are rigorously tested, trained and continually monitored, guaranteeing that your products and services are always accurately presented.

A vital component of every translation is rigorous compliance with all regulatory requirements. From local to national to international regulations, Skrivanek experts provide up-to-date accuracy:

FDA 21 CFR Part II
Structured Product Labeling (SPL)

Top Quality

Pharmaceuticals translations and medical translations in all languages and language combinations
Adherence to all regulations in all relevant international markets
Specialized medical and pharmaceutical terminology and glossaries

Full Service

Graphic design and full DTP services
Medical translations in more than 50 languages
Specialized proofreading by native speakers
Software solutions


We will be glad to create a custom tailored price quote

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Our life science and medical translators excel

We deliver top quality medical translations that allow you to successfully communicate and/or compete in global markets. Our life science translators are among the best specialists in the world, and they are guided by Skrivanek’s stringent quality assurance and best practice policies to insure that all statutory, legal and moral obligations are met.

In addition, our healthcare specialists have extensive experience in translating Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) & PRO Clinical & Regulatory Documentation, for example: protocols, IP, SOPs, contracts and agreements, case report forms, worksheets, medical forms and records.

Medical References

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