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Interpreting at conferences

A minimum of 2 interpreters will take care of simultaneous or conference interpreting in a combination of 40 languages. Immediately and without a time delay, they will mediate everything necessary for you to enjoy the speech.



We will be glad to create a custom tailored price quote

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Simultaneous interpreting

Together with spoken speeches, we will ensure simultaneous or conference interpreting without time delays. Since this is the most demanding form of interpreting, it is necessary to use a minimum of two interpreters, who will regularly take turns interpreting.

Long-term experience and professional interpreters in a combination of 40 languages.
Immediate and without time delays.
Accurate interpreting in a language and in specific areas of expertise.

Types of simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting at conferences
Interpreting at congresses
Interpreting at seminars
Interpreting of lectures


What types of interpreting do you offer?

We interpret in combinations of up to 40 languages. This most often involves court interpreting, interpreting at conferences, interpreting at meetings or remote interpreting.

May I choose an interpreter with whom I have already cooperated?

Yes, if you are satisfied with a specific interpreter and he is available at the given time, we will be happy to arrange cooperation with him/her again.

How much time will the interpreter spend with me?

Everything will depend on the specific agreement and your requirements. You alone will determine how much time the interpreter will spend with you.

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This enables us to easily to select the best interpreter for you.

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