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Skrivanek will be at tcWorld Conference 2018 in Stuttgart

Producing effective technical communication relies on some basic principles: content creation, audience consideration, writing style, accessibility of information, grammatical accuracy and adherence to style guide stipulations. When a technical document that is meant to be multilingual is produced with these principles in mind, matching emphasis has to be placed on these factors in the translated versions of the source document.

Tc world Stuttgart

At Skrivanek, technical communication guidelines play an important part in how we plan and prepare translations. The writing style in the various languages, for example, has to be consistent so the message is effectively delivered from one market to the next.

The same can be said for the style guide requirements outlined by the client. In order to do our job well, our clients must be able to get the same feeling and results from each version of their technical document. That is why our IPMC and Localization department is such an important part of our production team. They understand technology and they understand translation. When both are combined for technical documentation projects, the result is content delivery that looks how it should and functions according to specifications.

Our IPMC and Localization team, including department head, Jan Hirš and senior project managers, will be on hand at tcWorld Conference 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany from November 13-15. Take a few moments to come and meet with us to understand how we can support your multi-language technical communication needs with our proven approach to translation. Send us a note at to schedule a meeting time. See you there!