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Skrivanek Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago, Pavel Skrivanek embarked on the major adventure of founding a translation company. No one could have predicted how the translation business would be transformed between 1994 and the present today. In every aspect, from language technology to geopolitical relationships, change has been vast and exciting. Our company leadership has watched closely for opportunities to grow and excel in order to meet the translation needs of a rapidly globalizing world.

From its beginnings in the Moravian town of Vyskov, Skrivanek expanded first to Lublin, Poland in 1997, and today we have 45 offices in 17 countries, with a network of over 3,000 linguists and subject matter experts with deep cultural knowledge, capable of processing language combinations around the world. In 2006, Common Sense Advisory first ranked us as one of 50 largest translation companies in the world in terms of sales. Our growth continues.

Our dedication to excellence also remains strong, reflected in our employees’ skills and attitudes, our intense commitment to flawless work, and our customers’ trust. The European Union, the Czech Red Cross, and many other top tier international organizations and companies have been well-served by our rigorously tested processes for translation, localization, interpreting, transcreation, and every other aspect of global communication.

                                                                                                                   Skrivanek 25 anniversary


We established quality management according to EN ISO 9001 in 2004 and developed an Information Security Management System that meets the standards of ISO 27001 in 2012. By 2016, as industry standards continued to rise, we achieved certification according to EN ISO 17100:2015. Wherever possible we explore new ideas and technologies, training and testing our employees and freelancers in order to ensure company-wide capability. For example, we developed our own learning method in 2016, called Effecto, and a tool called e-Test which we use to evaluate language skill level.

Skrivanek’s professionalism is recognized within our industry and globally. In 2016 we became a Memsource partner, in 2017 entered into contract with Jouve to serve the EU, and that same year began submitting regular cultural guidance articles to the Huffington Post. Just last year CSA ranked Skrivanek #1 among the LSPs in Eastern Europe.

We are off to a good start in 2019, hitting the 3,000-mark in our database of translators, an achievement that reflects uncountable hours of networking, testing, vetting, and of course project management. We completed our 440th language combination in a 2018 project, a milestone few LSPs can claim. For all of these reasons, we celebrate our 25th anniversary as one that marks a long run of successes, and the threshold of another era of language service excellence.