Six reasons to make Subtitling a priority

Six reasons to make Subtitling a priority

Adding subtitles to your video products is a powerful way to boost sales. They expand your customer base, bring more click-throughs to action, and keep people engaged with your product in their own language. Plus, assigning the task to Skrivanek’s dedicated Multimedia Department means it won’t even be a burden on your staff. We can prepare existing audiovisual content in just days.

Maybe you want to focus on one key market, maybe five – the fact is that we can do world class subtitling for dozens of languages and cultures you may want to win over. Here are six reasons not to wait any longer:

1. Reach in your customer’s world

People want to learn about things in their own language. It’s easier, it’s more inviting, and they will feel you want to connect directly to them. And if your potential customers are deaf or hard of hearing, subtitles make your video relatable when they might not even try to watch without them.

2. Go with them anywhere

People open videos on airplanes, in cafés, at home around family, and in their workspaces. They don’t want to annoy others and they want privacy, but they need to understand what’s being said: give them subtitles!

3. Make your video content SEO friendly

Subtitles make your content easier to find, and easier to stumble into if someone is searching for phrases that are in your subtitling. You have the video content, but it’s not searchable without printed words – we can easily fix that situation!

4. Keep them watching

Subtitles are shown to increase the length of time people spend with videos. They are far more likely to watch to completion a video that has subtitles. It’s likely this is at least in part because they are understanding it more easily.

5. Accommodate different types of thinkers

Some people love to learn by just watching images, some do best with verbal instructions, and for many people the best way to absorb information is the combination of visuals and language. Especially when a viewer wants to understand complicated content, take notes, or learn terminology, subtitles can make them value your content over content without subtitles.

6. Translate without interfering

Voiceover styles of video localization have a drawback: they obscure or alter the original audio track. Subtitles are a preferred method of translating content for this reason. With subtitles, both are available: the original content in its entirety, and a thorough explanation of the language.

Maybe the best news of all about subtitling is that you can have it done affordably and without much effort on your part. Skrivanek’s Multimedia Department offers the best experts and technology, with Single Point of Contact Service. This means that all you have to do is give us your video and your instructions and we’ll create excellent final products. Your accurately subtitled audiovisual content will be ready quickly and we guarantee that it will meet or exceed your expectations.



J. V. McShulskis