Translation Management System (TMS)

Coordinating complexity

Translation today is a process involving multiple countries, languages, media, professionals, and documents, sometimes with different budgets and priorities within different branches of the same company. A single, overseeing ‘brain’ is what you need to achieve efficient, unified language messaging worldwide.

This is exactly the role that our Translation Management System (TMS) fills.


Multi-faceted management

Addressing every aspect of your project, our TMS:

  • Tracks your customized workflow from start to finish, providing timeline information at any point
  • Centralizes your language translation memory (TM) so that it is available to all translators working on your job and is always up to date
  • Contains terminology lists and glossaries, along with quality assurance (QA) tools, all accessible to the project translators and any authorized client employees

How it works

  • Beginning with easy uploading of your documents to our TMS, or even direct interconnection with your CMS system, you avoid other slower, less secure processes, such as emailing.
  • Through our webportal you can keep a real-time overview of your jobs.
  • We can provide various types of reports along the way.
  • The translation memory (TM) stored in our TMS maintains segments from every document you have ever translated with us so that we can avoid the re-translation of identical or similar phrases, thus saving significant time and money. These sophisticated programs are used by human translators who are offered possible (stored) options by the program and they decide if they are appropriate.
  • TM tools also support lists of terms and terminology created by you and/or specifically for your industry, and these are similarly available to translators and your staff.
  • TMS tools can handle any file format without disrupting it and without changing the layout, including structured XML. If required (e.g. for translation into Asian languages) our DTP-specialists can handle text expansion, font issues, target language conventions, etc., to create a final copy with an impact identical to that of the original.
  • For projects with short turnaround time, the TMS makes it easy for multiple translators to provide language tone and word choice consistency while working on the same job.
  • The TMS enables in-country review: your staff can check the translations and make comments or corrections.
  • Integrated automated quality assurance tools retain such details as formatting, document structure, and linguistic parity.
  • In situations where TM is not available but a significant amount of parallel content in two or more languages is, the TMS can align these existing translated texts and thus create a TM that can be used for further translations of similar content, thereby maintaining consistency in style and terminology.



As your company seeks new global markets, you manage the challenges that arise with centralized planning and organization. Skrivanek’s TMS offers an equally high level language service management, leaving you free to focus on the areas of your business where your expertise is required.




Skrivanek has extensive experience in working with translation memory systems and can work according to your preferences with the following solutions:

  • SDL Trados
  • Across
  • MemoQ
  • SDLX
  • Star TRANSIT
  • IDIOM World Server
  • Wordfast
  • DejaVu
  • Multitrans
  • XTM Cloud
  • MemSource
  • client proprietary tools (Logoport, Novell Localization Manager, MS LocStudio,...)

    ...or any other you request.