Technical Translation

Need to upgrade your technical translation? 

 Whether you are manufacturing hardware, designing software, supplying telecommunication solutions, hosting platforms, or providing some other product or service, yours is one of the most fiercely competitive global industries in the world.

Winning international market share depends on compelling communication of your benefits and strengths to prospective users and customers - worldwide. You must build brand awareness and loyalty, and the best way to do so is to communicate in the language your target segment best understands- their own.

Skrivanek has highly qualified technical translators, with engineering degrees and experience, for all of the top industry sectors and subsectors:

Mobile Technology
Building Technology
Consumer Electronics
Information Technology
Computer Hardware
Environmental Technology
Support and Service Providers
Computer Software


Our expert technical translation helps you access prospective customers worldwide

Your industry’s market is global, meaning that every day new markets as well as new competitors emerge. You have to stay ahead just to keep up. We deliver the fast turnaround times you need to get your products and services to market quicker.

Skrivanek’s specialized translation teams are ready to meet all of your technical translation and localization needs: user manuals, UA, UI, help files, technical documentation, websites, data sheets, installation guides, etc. Our experts have extensive specialist experience; for example they have in-depth knowledge of aerospace standards such as AECMA 1000D/2000M, AvP70andS1000D, various military specifications, as well as ISO 18019 software user documentation guidelines.

For superior technical translations of all your technical marketing materials, our dedicated technology marketing department will assemble a team of experts in your specific industry.

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Top Quality

  • Technical translation services in more than 50 languages
  • Proofreading by specialist native speakers
  • Specialized terminology and glossary
  • We adhere to all security specifications in all relevant international markets
  • Graphic design and full DTP services 
  • Full IT localization services

Proven Excellence

  • One of the biggest translation companies in Europe
  • A staff of more than 300 language professionals worldwide with excellent, specialized qualifications
  • Registered supplier for the EU
  • Quality control of the highest caliber in addition to ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • 20 years of experience