Our Quality Assurance Process

100% accuracy as a standard

Because quality assurance is at the heart of our success and yours, it is integrated into every step of your project’s fulfillment. Designed to produce the highest level of accuracy possible, our translation methodology is built on:

  • Highly controlled workflows
  • Meticulous recruitment and careful selection of all resources
  • Continuous education and linguistic support
  • Regular performance monitoring
  • Use of top-of-the-line technology ensuring consistency


Our tested, trustworthy methodology

The quality assurance process established for the translation workflow process is one of the most complex, critical features a language service company must develop. Ours includes numerous considerations and tasks that we coordinate into standardized workflow procedures as summarized below.

  1. Your original text is checked by a source language specialist for content, style and complexity to identify the domain or specialization involved, as well as any features of the text that warrant extra care. This initial analysis is rigorous and intelligent, and helps to make the best choice of the translation team and available reference materials.
  2. The text is translated by a lead translator who must be a bilingual expert with a university degree in translation or at least 5 years translation experience, knowledge in the relevant subject matter, and certification through Skrivanek’s Translator Certification Program.
  3. In the next step, the proofreader, who is an equally qualified linguist with the same experience and knowledge of subject matter, will check the translation thoroughly and then compare it to the source text for errors, style inconsistencies, accurate terminology, etc.
  4. Afterwards, the quality assurance specialist, who is a native speaker of the target language will check for text inconsistencies, missing parts, spelling mistakes, etc., using QA tools to automatically double-check again.
  5. An optional in-country client review enables you to check final translations and make adjustments that will be implemented immediately and recorded in the terminology database and glossaries for future projects.

Highly experienced project managers coordinate the whole process, gathering needed information, facilitating all communication, following every step and double-checking instructions while monitoring progress and deadlines.

Skrivanek’s methodology has been refined over the course of thousands of projects.