Skrivanek ranked #36 in Top 100 Global Language Service Providers 2015

Top Global Language Service Provider 2015

Common Sense Advisory has just released its “Language Services Market 2015”, an annual review of the translation, localization and interpreting services industry, that includes a top 100 of Global Language Providers.

For many years now, Skrivanek has been ranked in CSA’s Top 100 and managed to keep its positioning this year ranking 36th. In terms of number of branches, Skrivanek is ranked in 3rd position among all LSPs worldwide – which demonstrates Skrivanek’s major advantage compared to our competitors: being able to locally select translators and provide local QA with natives gives us an unbeatable advantage in terms of quality and price.

CSA Research confirms that the market continues to expand – the current growth rate of 6.46% represents an increase over last year’s rate of 6.23% and 5.13% in 2013, a tendency also noticed by Skrivanek Group.