Terminology Management

Essential precision

Whether your work involves steam turbines, dialysis machines or cloud technology, you utilize terminology unique to your specialized field. Skrivanek understands that this terminology is essential to the accurate communication of your message. We translate and manage your specialized vocabulary with precision to ensure consistency in all languages.


Terminologists and their tools

Over two decades as a language service provider, Skrivanek has built a network of outstanding terminologists within your industry, no matter what industry that may be. These professionals are carefully selected as experts for your project to coordinate all linguistic issues. Specialized databases for your field are available to assist the translators assigned to your project with technical language, and terminology glossaries are integrated into the translation technology for use during the whole translation process. When necessary we also call on additional industry experts and university linguists to find the exact match for every term. 


Your role

Your involvement in the management process of your company’s specialized terminology can be extensive or minimal – it’s up to you. You may choose to provide us with the source terms you created during the authoring stage or leave the identification of core industry terms to us for development into the glossary used during translation. In fact, the terminology list can be shared with all employees of your corporation for company-wide consistency. Many of our long-term clients enjoy the advantage of terminology databases that have been built, refined and used for years. This can have a powerful impact, not only on the quality and consistency of your texts, but also on Quality Assurance and time required for review.

 Streamlined and accurate, Skrivanek’s terminology management takes your texts to the height of professionalism.



A few simple steps

Here’s how it works:
  • We will create a list of words for your glossary by extracting repeated terms from your material
  • The list will be validated, by our translators and by anyone you want involved
  • This list is translated by specialized linguists and terminologists
  • The list is uploaded into the translation technology tool so that every time those terms occur in the texts they will be translated in exactly the same way