Our Translation Process

Skrivanek handles your translation jobs with the utmost care to ensure the finest language service possible. We always customize the ideal solution for your job using processes refined over 20 years and millions of translated words. The detailed procedures we use are followed thousands of times every month and are summarized below (an expanded process description is available upon request).

Step 1: An experienced project manager (PM) responds to a new request immediately on receipt, analyzes your project to define scope, and develops a timeline and budget for it. Our PMs are technically skilled individuals with a talent for communication, problem-solving and the coordination of details.

Step 2: Your texts are assessed for the technical and linguist requirements, and a team of specialists ideal for your particular job is assembled. Skrivanek PMs understand that the quality of your final product will be affected by the choice of resources more than any other element. Furthermore, we ensure invaluable consistency and continuity at the human level, always assigning the work to the same team.

Step 3: Translation of your text is completed by in-country native speakers of the target language and subject matter specialists, based on the instructions and references you provide. Individual translators interpret your text and apply the appropriate grammar, idioms, and tone to convey your message in the target language. If multiple translators and proofreaders are involved, they share a single translation memory and terminology database, and throughout their work “across” technology ensures high level of consistency and accuracy.

Step 4: The translation team will present the new copy for a bi-lingual proofreading examination of the target language text against the original text – by a specialized second linguist with extensive knowledge of the subject matter to verify accuracy.

Step 5: Your texts will be examined by quality assurance (QA) specialists using various QA tools to ensure consistency, completeness, correct grammar and formatting, as well as compliance with your instructions.

Step 6: You, the client, will have the option to review the translation and give feedback. While this is not required, it is welcomed for optimal accuracy of industry terminology and tone.

Step 7: Your PM will check to make sure instructions were followed, any open queries resolved, any requested changes fully implemented, and all steps carried out carefully. Files are then made available to you in any desired format for immediate use.