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Our experienced professional Farsi translators are expertly trained to formulate clearly written and effective commercial texts for all your marketing or technical communication needs. Through our use of cutting-edge software, we are able to guarantee 100% accuracy and proficiency in the translation of your documents from or into Farsi.

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All Combinations of Farsi Translation

Our professional translators are native Farsi speakers and all possess an in-depth knowledge of the language’s spelling, grammar and cultural quirks. This enables them to write clearly and concisely while remaining loyal to your original text. As a result, we stand heads above other translation agencies since we focus not only on the translation of words, but on the translation of meanings.

We have specialized Farsi translators for the following fields:

Advantages of Our Farsi Translations

  • English to Farsi, Farsi to English translations
  • experienced, in-house translators with appropriate degrees, as well as specialists focused on their particular field of expertise
  • use of Translation Memory and CAT-tools
  • proven experience in implementing the most demanding and complex projects
  • your single contact point for all your language needs
  • we use local Persian suppliers available to us through our branches throughout the world
  • quality control of the highest caliber in addition to an ISO 9001:2001 certification

Farsi Typesetting and Website Localization

We thoroughly understand the unique and specific requirements of Farsi typesetting. Our team of professionally trained localization experts can format and typeset your documents using the most up-to-date programs.

Although English is still the most widely represented language on the Internet, most Farsi speakers continue to prefer using Farsi both online and off. A version of your website translated into the Farsi language will increase your readership immediately and can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


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Persian / Farsi (فارسی)

Spoken in:Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan           
Total speakers:ca. 80-134 million
Language family:Indo-European
Western Iranian
Southwestern Iranian
Official status
Official language of:Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan
Regulated by:Academy of Persian Language and Literature, Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan
Language codes
ISO 639-1:fa
ISO 639-2:per (B) fas (T)
ISO 639-3:variously:
fas – Persian
prs – Eastern Persian
pes – Western Persian
tgk – Tajik
aiq – Aimaq
bhh – Bukharic
deh – Dehwari
drw – Darwazi
haz – Hazaragi
jpr – Dzhidi
phv – Pahlavani

Basic Farsi dictionary

Good morningصبح بخیر
How are you?چطور هستید؟
Welcomeخوش آمدی
Thank youمتشکرم
Good nightشب بخیر
Happy birthdayتولدت مبارک
Merry Christmasکریسمس مبارک
I love youدوستت دارم
Excuse my Farsiببخشید فارسی من
You´re welcomeخواهش میکنم