Software Localization

Strings tie it all together

These days customer interactions with a product often start with a screen. From websites to vending machines the portals to purchasing are computerized. Research confirms that people are far more likely to buy products when translated, localized interfaces are provided.

But whether it is a camera, a software application or a diagnostic device, every dollar and hour you’ve invested in your product can be compromised by poor user interface translation. When your product users are prompted by text in a dialog box, that text must be as brief and clear as text can be, and its integration with the programming must be flawless. Skrivanek has a specialized department for this critical work.

Experienced engineers for a dynamic field

Software localization involves technology and processes that are ever changing, and at Skrivanek we are committed to maintaining our proficiency at the leading edge of all these developments. Our engineers and localization project managers are constantly being trained, attending workshops and conferences to stay abreast of change, and fluent in virtually any code or program required.

Our process is a partnership

To begin, our software localization engineers will listen to your needs and specific requirements, then consult with you to plan the best possible workflow. Text strings can be extracted from your existing programming and translated into any language. To incorporate them into a final product that is ideal for your audience, we pay attention to every single detail, from graphics localization, screenshoting of the localized version, truncations to consistency of the translation of localized user interface in manuals. The process is complex, involving numerous steps and experts experienced in the exact technology that your job requires.

As a result of our localization team’s extensive experience, we are able to adapt quickly to your project, small or large, tailoring our resources to meet your goals with cost efficiency and rapid time-to-market.

Smooth, flexible, accurate

Because text strings are embedded in your programming without any surrounding language context to highlight errors, testing is specialized and rigorous. Skrivanek will assemble teams of experienced native speakers on-site to translate and test your programming for 100% linguistic and functional accuracy.

Tried and tested expertise, flexible solutions, and rapid turnaround – Skrivanek excels in the highest quality software localization, with the resources and scalability to facilitate sim-ship for any market or language.

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