Our Story

Excellence fosters excellence

From a single office in the early 1990’s, Skrivanek has evolved into one of the leading language service providers in the world. Our network includes 45 branches in 17 countries, each built to standards of excellence by responsive, dedicated staff members.

The European Union, the United Nations, World Bank and other outstanding organizations rely on our expertise. Skrivanek is the multi-national translation partner that will ensure your texts are accurate, culturally fine-tuned, and ready on time.



Translation of manuals and documents, multilingual page design for all texts, website globalization, software localization, on-site interpreting – Skrivanek Group does all of this and more.
single contact with Skrivanek gives you control over a network of international communication specialists dedicated to enhancing your reputation worldwide. Every aspect of your global enterprise will be supported by Skrivanek’s sophisticated structure of local relationships with 3000+ linguists whom we recruit, test and closely supervise.


Experience that links nations

It was a passion for excellent translation that led Pavel Skrivanek to found Skrivanek Group. His values and enthusiasm inspire that same passion in a close-knit ‘family’ of 300+ full-time employees. Together, over the course of nearly two decades of comprehensive language service, we have produced an annual translation total of 237.4 million words in 422 language combinations (2014) for a monthly average of 20 million words. In 2014 we processed 76,767 orders, set 69,900 pages of type, logged 260 hours designing software, executed 36,500 hours of quality assurance work and spent 6,600 hours interpreting.

Skrivanek is your complete translation solution, providing an optimal balance of speed, cost, quality and client care that the most exacting organizations have trusted again and again.